"Marry someone who can make you laugh in public and scream in bed."

Me giving my friend relationship advice (via sexual-feelings)

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I’ve come to the conclusion that I crave being in love… i dont know if that sounds bad, or even if it is a bad thing.. But i crave it, I crave the feeling that it gives you; makes you feel. I love feeling loved, & i love that feeling so much.. I’ve never had a really loving, close family, my mom is not good at showing her emotions, she isnt good at making sure that you are loved. & my other family such ass my nana, & my aunts, uncles, and grandpa, they are pretty much the same way.
Although, my cousin & my aunt have the best mother-daughter relationship ever, & i’ve always been jealous of that. I dont have a loving, best friend relationship with my mom. So the moral of the story is that, pretty much.. I grew up not knowing the feeling of being loved, & now that I’m a teenager, and that’s what teenagers do; I just absolutely crave it. When I dont have someone, I feel that I need to find somebody asap. & i automatically want to love them, i want them to love me. It’s like a high to me I guess.. I want it, need it. Literally. Being in love is absolutely the best thing ever to me.. I just wish that it was easier to move on from once it comes to an end, than it is.. I wish that we had the choice to be with that certain person for ever, and the love would never die. But let’s be honest, i think that finding an actual “soul mate” that you’ll spend your LIFE with, is like a one-in-a-million, chance. Although, i do feel like at some point in your life, everybody deserves to find their soul mate. Everybody needs love, no matter how evil, or crazy, or mean of a person you are.. Everybody has feelings. And everybody needs to be loved. it completes your soul, is how it feels to me. Being in love, just completes that empty little space in your soul, that you never knew was there until you actually fall in love yourself.
I want to constantly feel it. its like crack.
I love to be loved. ❤️

How do people get over someone theyve been with for years? How does it work? I need direction..
I need help.